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Sunday, August 16, 2009


blogfun_60x60Image by Mara.Lisha via Flickr

When i started blogging,say almost ten months back i was almost awestruck by the vast world of internet.[still,i am].I had no idea what to do,how do i increase traffic to my blog.I was fascinated to read so many fascinating blogs of the blogosphere.

When i started blogging,i randomly submitted my original blog to many

blog directories

.Many refused my blog,others which accepted my blog,i had no idea what to do after joining.

For every new blogger two blog directories are absolutely must.One is MyBlogLog and the other is BlogCatalog.

This two blog directories are very easy to use and are the most compatible with the new members of the blogging fraternity.Both of them has a large collection of blogs and a very easy interface.The member blogs are extremely friendly.




are the best platforms for a newbie blogger to learn a bit about


,to read other blogs and most importantly to develop new friends.Getting your blog included in these to blog directories is perhaps the easiest way to index your blog in the three major search engines.One thing i noticed,although it's only my personal observation is that your blog's page at Blogcatalog is indexed by


much more rapidly and get's a higher ranking than Myblolog,perhaps for obvious reasons.Try to be as much active as possible-post comments,place broadcast,send message,but above all respect other bloggers.

One note of advice to every new blogger including myself,do not take blogging as a very easy job,like any other job,it's also a difficult job.And when you have to maintain a simultaneous exhausting day job like me,you have to spend many sleepless nights in front of your computer.

Happy blogging friends.

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Anonymous said...

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