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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dig-Dug Wallpaper
When you enter the blogging arena,perhaps the first social bookmarking site, you get acquainted with is the me,if you digg well and have sufficient time for it,You will be getting a lot of visitors to your blog.One advantage of Digg,i feel is the stable,very interactive friend base that you can generate.[Unlike some other social bookmarking and micro-blogging services where mane individuals manipulate the system to get large number of followers.[multiple accounts etc.].
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Friday, September 25, 2009


Book with florentine paper bookmarkImage via Wikipedia

YouMob is a bookmarking site,currently in the beta phase.[It's staying in the beta for a long time.].In this Bookmarking site you can create a mob with your link or weblog.From the home page of this site,you can view other mobs.Interesting feature of this site is the reactions[oppose,interesting,support etc]that you can post to the mob you are viewing.You can also simultaneously post a shout, to the mob.Other shouts that have been posted to the specific mob,can be viewed in the column on the right side.

Negatives:I don't like to post a negative criticism.But it gas a lot to improve.First and foremost,it should come out of the beta,and promote YouMob.

Google PageRank:2

Listed in DMOZ: No

Listed in Yahoo! Directory: No

Alexa Traffic Rank:182,464

Alexa Traffic Rank in US:474,892

Maximum Traffic from India.

Average Load Time:2.125 Seconds

Server Location: in Federal Way - Washington - United States

Domain : 3 years and 27 days old

These data s were collected on September 20th,2009.These aforesaid informations are liable to periodic changes and human errors.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


    Page rank:7
    Another must join.

social_media_sketch_09Image by birgerking via Flickr

12.News Trust
    One of the best source of independent news.
    Warning:do not post many links from your personal site/blog.
    Page rank:6

    Great site,fast loading,easy interface.
    Page rank:8

     Social bookmarking site,mainly targetting the European visitors.
     Sure to gain some visitors and friends.
     Page rank:5

   Page rank:4

    We all know of AIM.Simple old fashioned bookmarking service.One of the oldest and one of the best.
    Page Rank:7

    Primarily,a social bookmarking site for for technology,computers and web related links.Great resource.
    Page rank:5
18.Actual Topics
   Page rank:2

    Another great bookmarking site.Technolgy,computers,operating system related.One of the best resource for operating system links.
    Page rank:9


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Open Text Social Media home screenImage by sandy kemsley via Flickr
In this post,i would attempt to present an extensive list of social bookmarking sites,for the benefit of all amateur bloggers like me.

Google pagerank:8
My personal favorite.Must join.

Google pagerank:7
Another must join.Perhaps the easiest way,to get indexed by Yahoo.

Great interface to view other blogs.Also great site to post your links.
Google pagerank:8

Google Pagerank:8
One of the most popular,very fast loading,simple interface,easy to use.

Google Pagerank:8
A little slow loading time,but the best in business.

Google Pagerank:8
Must join.

Essentially,a micro-blogging service;but can be used as a social bookmarking site,very effectively.

8.Mister Wong
Google Pagerank:7
Great site,if you are targetting European visitors.

Google Pagerank:7
Micro-blogging,blogging,social bookmarking service.


Google Pagerank:6
Another social bookmarking site.Interesting feature is that you can post your links,RSS feeds.
Must join.

These data s were collected on September 20th,2009.These aforesaid informations are liable to periodic changes and human errors.

Next 10

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


twitter logo map 09Image by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten via Flickr
What can i say about Twitter.There are so many very well written articles about by individuals who know a lot more about,than me.All i can say,i just love and i turning into a geek? May be.

The only thing that irritates me,about this lovely micro-blogging service,is how individuals abuse it with multiple accounts,hardly any tweets but following thousands.Although,the duplicate accounts have been cleaned by Twitter recently.Again,i notice that they are coming up.

Recently some strong competition is coming up[I think you all know,i am talking of FacebookLite].Let's see hoe the events unfold.

All said and done...LONG LIVE TWITTER.

Google PageRank:9

Listed in DMOZ: Yes

Listed in Yahoo! Directory: Yes

Alexa Traffic Rank:14

Alexa Traffic Rank in US:12

Sites Linking In 290,529

Online Since 21-Jan-2000

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The propellers of an RAF Hercules C.Image via Wikipedia

Coming,to another very effective social bookmarking site,that in my opinion should be joined by every blogger is Propeller.The interface of Propeller is very easy to use.Propeller,is perhaps one of the best social bookmarking site to post your post links.Surely you will be getting some visitors from this site[But as always,the post content has to be substantial].Your posts,will be receiving a lot of props.But again,the contents has to be really substantial to get propped up.Another feature pf Propeller is like Digg,you can create a strong friend base.

Negatives:Slow loading time.

Google PageRank:8
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Lifeclever's approach to social bookmarking :Social bookmarking site,with one of the most stylish interface.Very fast download.One of the most professionally styled.Just love the steel-blue and white background.

Page Ranking Tool

Listed in DMOZ: No
Listed in Yahoo! Directory: Yes

Alexa Traffic Rank:4,786
Traffic Rank in US:5,257
Maximum traffic: India

Server Location:United States:
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITE: DELICIOUS My personal favorite.In my opinion,this is perhaps the most well established among the bookmarking sites,and probably provides,the greatest coverage for a blog or website.

Page Rank Check

Listed in DMOZ: Yes

Listed in Yahoo! Directory: Yes

Alexa Rank of: 533

Traffic Rank in US:409

Online Since:03-May-2002
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Baby SquirrelImage by Odalaigh via Flickr is a new site currently in beta phase.

Features:provides a great collection of children stories.You have to register to gain access to the stories.Provides both a web and mobile platform.

Site link

Blog link

Personal note:Perhaps talking with children is the best way to develop their communication and interaction skills.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


Adelaide/ChurchillImage via Wikipedia has released a very interesting add-on for Firefox,that allows users to compare prices,of any product available online.Moreover the entire price research can be done within a few seconds.

After installing this add-on,a toolbar appears in the left upper corner of your browser.Before buying any product,all you have to do is just highlight the product name,and it will automatically pasted in the tool bar.Thereafter when you 'click' the search button,another page will open presenting the product's price history chart, current price comparison across many major online stores.

This add-on is compatible with Firefox: 2.0 – 3.5.

You can download it here

The only negative with this add-on is that it is still in the experimental add-on phase[i.e it has not yet undergone the public review process of Mozilla corporation.]

Personal note:i have been using this add-on for quite a while,till now it has lived upto the expectations.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adsense + Chitika placement contest 2: Chitika blog

Money Back GuaranteeImage by Roby© via Flickr

The Chitika bog has announced,that they are again reviving their Adsense + Chitika placement contest.The contest,is all about the best ways to integrate the Chitika Premium ads and Google AdSense ads in your blog pages,for the sole purpose of generating maximum revenue.

The first chapter of this contest was a huge success.This time ,the Grand prize is a  Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 10,along with 2 runners up prizes of $ 200 each.

For entry into this contest,you have to post a comment on their blog along with the URL of the page,where the two blogs,have been integrated.

Personal note:Integrating,your ads with your blog posts,can surely increase the number of clicks,but i have not mastered the art yet.

Read the full story,in the Chitika blog

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BING 411

Motorola RAZR V3Image via Wikipedia

This is a great service,that has been launched recently bu Bing.Bing gas released a number[1-800-Bing-411 (1-800-246-4411)]where calls can be made from our mobile phones to stay up-to-date with the traffic reports,that may even be personalized to our driving routes.Other facilities offered by this service is current weather reports,movie showtimes,theater info,searching local shops and restaurants[including the direction and map].

This is a free service by Bing,but obviously the standard mobile rates apply.You can learn more about this here.

Personal note:Bing targetting the mobile search...war heating up.what's say.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Blogger, Blog, HTML, Tools,, Web, Weblogs,read more ,jump break,post summaries

Read moreImage by sabeth718 via Flickr

Blogger in draft has yet again surprised all of us,with the launch of the easy to install 'read more' links to the blog posts.The millions of fans of,like me were long been waiting for this.

I had initially tried to create a 'read more' jump break myself,by editing the HTML template.But i failed a number of times.And finally i just stopped editing the HTML template for insering the 'read more' links to my blog posts.

Among all the Birthday presents that were announced by Blogger in Draft,this is perhaps the best.It's so easy to insert.You just have to log in through the Blogger in draft and click on the 'new post' button.In the create post page,when you press the compose button,you will notice a 'insert jump break' button.All you need to do is to left click your mouse,at the point where you need to place the'read more' link,and then click the 'insert jump breaks' button.You are done.Now i'll be inserting the "read more'link here.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


VANCOUVER, CANADA - OCTOBER 24:  Francois Hame...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The most difficult part about blogging,is not writing about your favorite subject(rather, it's a pleasure),but to submit to several social bookmarking websites,visiting your bookmarked blogs on a daily basis.

There are two free online services,that can solve this problem,to a great extent.

First one, and the most well known is the rapidlinkr.This web page displays a box, where you can copy and paste all your bookmarked site URLs, and then press the 'submit links' button,so as to open all the pages in separate tabs.

The second one is the urlopener.This page also functions in the same way as the previous.

I would suggest,to copy and save the URLs of your bookmarked sites in the notepad,and when you need, just copy and paste in the aforementioned pages,to open the links by a single mouse click.

Note of caution:Do not open too many tabs simultaneously,in Firefox,it may collapse.Although the Firefox 3.5 is much better in this respect,than the earlier versions.

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Earn money from your website/blog. Get paid through PayPal

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Description: a random tweets on anything under the sun.

Categories: Blog

Tags: Money, Social Community, alamat, maalamat


Blog Title: Mga Kwentong ma Alamat

Description: A personal blog

Categories: Blog

Tags: Money, Social Community, alamat, maalamat

Subscribe to this feed here

contact URL/mail:

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is a representative post,to demonstrate the way, i intend to present the Twitter URL and the blogs.
I have laid down this post with my other blog.


Description:doctor by profession,simple guy,love to paint,read,surf.






Description:important informations related to health,healthy lifestyle.disease,treatment,alerts on recent outbreaks.



Contact for advertising and other services: Contact URL

So, here goes the representative post..You may notice the HTML snippet above is only showing the icon at the present moment,but it should have shown the Twitter updates too.I guess there is some issue of timeline, which i think will be resolved by Twitter soon.If not i have a back-up HTML code in the closet.You may also notice i have added the Technorati and deliceous tags of the blog name and the tags.

If i get a good response, i have future plans of categorizing all the Twitter profiles.

Attribution to Bloggerbuster

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Submit your Twitter URL and blog.If you need to submit more than one blog,just submit your Twitter URL again and fill up a new form.(Categories-max. 3 can be included,Tags:max. 5 can be included,separated by commas.Please limit the description to max. 100 words)

Twitter URL
Blog Title
Blog URL
Blog feed
contact URL/mail
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image:
[ Refresh Image ] [ What's This? ]

Please place my blog's link in your blog.

<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Twitter Directory,free seo" ONCLICK="window.location.href=''">
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thanks cool

It may take a few days for the links to appear,please do bear with me.
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Friday, September 4, 2009


Earth map - resolution 1000 x 500 pixelsImage via Wikipedia

Blogger in draft has has recently added the geotagging feature to their new post editor.

Geotagging equal smileis the method of adding geographical recognition to blog posts,videos,feeds etv.Geotagging consists of latitude,longitude,altitude and other attributes.By geotagging,the reader is given the opportunity to read posts near the location of their interest.You can read more in Blogger in draft

To avail this feature of blogger in draft you have to use the Blogger in draft dashboard.You can even make it the default dashboard.They have also provided a location editor and a map,to select a particular location.

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Mozilla Firefox 3 e tre FirefoxImage by Mackley ☯ via Flickr

Like millions of internet users, i am also an ardent fan of Firefox.Without Firefox and it's several add-ons, browsing through different internet sites and blogs would not have been this great, an experience.One thing that often perturbs me is the slowness of this browser to load pages.For several weeks i was in search for ways to speed-up Firefox.

1.A few days back, i got hold of Fasterfox,which is an extension that allows us to make changes to pipelines,DNS,cache,initial paint delay.It also has a built-in timer and a pop-up blocker.

2.Two sites that provide a detailed explanation of the changes,that are to be made in the "about:config" page of this browser are and you have to type "about:config" in the address-bar of Firefox and the a page will open,with an initial caution from Firefox to 'change any data very cautiously'.In this page,you have to scroll down and make the suggested changes in the "network.http.pipelining","network.http.proxy.pipelining","network.http.pipelining.maxrequests".Only difference,i noticed was that has stated to change the value of the "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to 30, has suggested to change the maximum number of requests to 8.I have personally set this value to 30, and it has really brought some good results.

3.The third option is to download SpeedyFox which is a free software by is downloaded within seconds, and all you have to do is to click the desk top icon of SpeedyFox and just press on the 'speed up my FireFox button' and all done.

Personal note:I have been using the second and third methods for about two weeks,and it has really brought some noticeable changes in terms of speed of my favorite browser.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via Wikipedia

Finally, has released the label or tag cloud widget.This widget is very essential for every blog.For so long this widget was missing from armaments.Believe,before this day displaying the labels or tags in your blog was very difficult.There were not that much of good option,except perhaps the tag cloud widget from .

In my opinion in order to engage your reader into your blog posts, two widgets are very important,one being the tag cloud widget, the other is the related content widget. has added one very useful feature with this widget, now you can even select which of the labels you want to show in your label widget.Just you have to select the the tags from the 'Select labels to shoe' box, and you are done.You can read more of it,at here

Personal note:Thanks for such a great gift.


A decorated birthday cakeImage via Wikipedia

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